Suggested Improvements in Cosmetics Labeling

The Indian drug and cosmetic act states specific standards for labeling, however it can be further strengthened by learning from other countries. In addition, I have listed down some additional recommendation that might be useful in making the products customer friendly.

Clarity of Communication – Further details on font, size, color, clarity of communication, label types as detailed out in US, FDA. It has been noticed that in Indian products, implementation of the spirit of the Indian drug and cosmetic act is frequently absent. Information is written in very small font, difficult to comprehend and sometimes obscured by vignettes that may obscure the lettering. Small size products, where the all information cannot be printed should appear on a tag, tape or card affixed to the container.

Language – While the act states that communication should be in English, I believe that in a country like India communication in a local language should also be made mandatory.

Ingredients – Ingredients are often written in the very small font size and more over the scientific naming of the ingredients makes it hard for a normal user to be able to know the risks involved. I believe that a centralized database should be maintained regarding the intensity of  all ingredients and products on human body.

Warning Statements – Caution statement should be included in all the cosmetic products, clearly mentioning that certain ingredients in the product might cause problems in certain individuals. While this is mentioned in the Indian drug and cosmetic act, and several suppliers do mention cautionary statements, many cosmetic products don’t.

Dermatological Testing Outcomes – Dermatological testing out comes should also be included along with the product, if not possible, should be posted on the websites of the brands.

Banned Substances – Certain ingredients, which are banned in other countries, should not be used in India. While this is regularly done by the Indian authorities a comprehensive database, available to the public on the web will increase transparency and ensure compliance.

Environmental Concerns – A statement that the ingredient used in the product or packaging do not cause any environmental problems should also be included.

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