Ensuring Livelihoods – Can Corporate India help?

Agriculture and allied activities support livelihoods of nearly 70 percent of India’s rural population. In recent years, land based livelihoods of small and marginal farmers are increasingly becoming unsustainable, since their land has not been able to support the family’s food requirements and fodder for their cattle. As a result, rural households are forced to look at alternative means for supplementing their livelihoods.

While several corporates have taken initiatives to generate livelihoods much more needs to be done. Most corporates have focused on providing basic skills and literacy. However, sustainable livelihoods is a 3 step approach focusing on capability to perform a task, ability to earn enough while doing it and ability to continue with it for a period of time.

This presentation takes a look at small and micro enterprises that can be promoted to build sustainable livelihoods.

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