One World, One Sustainability

We keep hearing that technology is making the world smaller, but the challenges around climate change and sustainability seem to be larger than ever before.

Business, the primary driver of product creation and supply has much to offer when it comes to meeting these challenges. Can 2015 be the year where business responsibility becomes integral to core values? At the beginning of the year here are some questions that all of us should answer before we get caught up in yearly plans and targets:

1. Can we look at products, supply chain emissions, reuse of materials and recycling? Try to see how we can focus on winning tomorrow’s customers by using fewer resources that leaves a lighter footprint.

2. Do all our business divisions and subsidiaries look at sustainability with the same core values? How can we build responsibility across the entire value chain to follow the principle of One World, One Sustainability, where we don’t discriminate by developed vs developing, home country vs production centre, distribution vs manufacturing.

3.Sustainability practices are not static, quick changes in technology are building efficiencies as well as disrupting existing models. How can we listen at a deeper level ; Mobilise fresh ideas emerging from within the organisation, Get closer to customers, Sense new directions and develop responses.

Let the new year drive new thinking and a better tomorrow.