Climate Finance, ESG and Excellence for the Net Zero Transition

“Since investors recognise that the cost of climate inaction is way higher than the actions required to mitigate the risks, a concerted effort is being made to drill down the ESG metrics across geographies and sectors.”Namrata Rana

Source: How Indian Businesses Can Grow Sustainably With ESG Approach

“The net-zero transition means that companies that till now were focused on cost reduction and profit maximisation are now expected to also measure and reduce carbon emissions. Organisations both big and small need funds for the energy transformation, knowledge to drive the necessary changes, and most importantly new skills and knowledge for processes that would now need to be implemented. Climate Finance can play a critical role in enabling a just transition, where no one is left behind.”Namrata Rana

Source: Climate Finance Critical To Successful Climate Action: Economic Survey 2021-22

“Given the number of products generated by businesses, there needs to be a measure of the amount of natural resources required to generate them.”Namrata Rana

Source: Sustainable organisations: Recognising excellence in a sustainable world