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Women Leaders of Today: Ensuring a Tech Enabled Sustainable Tomorrow

Namrata Rana in conversation with Vera Silva, Ph.D, CTO, Grid Solutions Business, GE Renewable Energy
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Leave No One Behind, Trusteeship and the SDGs

Trusteeship can be the much needed modern day philosophical core that business and the world desperately needs. A uniquely Indian, philosophical construct that looks at redefining how we measure success.
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The Choices Ahead

A time for the corporate world to showcase what they really stand for. Long term horizons for public good and onground action will not only create resilience but companies that will stay strong in an increasingly volatile world.
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In Whom we Trust

here will be many more things that can be addressed by innovative thinking. Sector after sector is now exploring how their services need to be redefined, and new solutions are emerging.
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Responsible Business Rankings 2019 unveiled at the inaugural ET SDGs Impact Summit! - The Speech

The Responsible Business Rankings, in its six edition, is a pioneering study. It is based on a comprehensive framework of over 100 parameters based …
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The Shift to Natural and Bio-Degradable Fabrics

The textile and fashion industry is at the forefront of the climate change debate. According to recent estimates, the entire life cycle of garments …
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Redefining Capitalism @Davos 2020

In the last decade There’s been trade There’s been globalization There’s been technology It’s all good Or not? Companies are flush with funds, but …
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Sustainable Finance: Trends for 2020

Till recently, investors were interested in only one thing – profits and return on investment. Things are changing, albeit gradually, with investors becoming concerned …
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3 Imperatives for Branding in the Age of Climate Crisis

The climate crisis is the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced. Tackling this challenge needs a multi-stakeholder approach where everyone needs to rapidly reduce …
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Good Corporate Citizenship Leads to Brand Credibility

Perfetti Van Melle is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of confectionery and chewing gum. Its products and brands are enjoyed in …
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