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Data is the new oil a capitalist’s statement. Data for good is a social intent

World leaders are now congregating at the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Summit to discuss the challenges of the new world driven by the …
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The Best a Brand Can Be

In the recent past, the trend of connecting causes to people has been catching on. For instance, connecting hand-washing to people’s need for better …
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Experiences and Responsibility converge in fashion: Vineet Gautam, Bestseller India

The fashion business worldwide is at the cusp of change. Headwinds are coming in from all directions – artificial intelligence and robotics are changing …
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Products need to evolve if we are to win the climate game: Anirban Ghosh, Mahindra & Mahindra

The diversified business conglomerate Mahindra & Mahindra realises that with new technologies like the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Big Data and Analytics, …
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A better world begins with us, says Suresh Narayanan of Nestle India

Plastic waste is becoming a big menace. A large contributor to this is packaging, which ends up as waste in landfills, rivers, oceans and …
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We need a better definition of long term success, says G V Prasad of Dr Reddy’s

It’s not easy to run a global pharmaceutical business. The pharma sector is very competitive, highly regulated, driven by constant innovation. And now according …
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Data can be a force for social good : Nuria Oliver, Vodafone

Can data be a force for good rather than just a way of companies aggregating information about customers buying habits and interests? Nuria Oliver, …
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Why ITC’s Sanjiv Puri champions Sustainable Agriculture

Food is the essence of life. Apart from being necessary for survival, it is emotional, evocative and comforting. It can soothe the soul, enhance …
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Redefining the heart of logistics

The global economy rests on our ability to move things around. Our ability to create things based on inputs sourced from all across the …
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Distributed Generation Models like Microgrids powered by Renewables Will Make a Huge Difference in Improving Energy Access

For these projects to be replicated across the country encouragement is required from both the government as well as the policy makers
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