Perspectives: SDGs

One Global Approach Cannot Be Seen as a Solution For All Developing Countries

Individual banks need to drive digital inclusion and make people aware of the benefits included in digital banking. 'Banking at your doorstep' has been achieved by the government and the banks, but its acceptance remains the key.
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How will Children Learn History, Music or Art?

If we find good talent, we provide them with a platform to perform.
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How CSR Can Help Improve Healthcare

About 24% of the total spend on CSR is focused on healthcare. However, much of the spend tends to be focused on health camps and building hospitals or donating to hospitals for upkeep of facilities.
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Build a Sustainability-Conscious Society: Emphasize the Notion of Sustainability and Responsible Consumption

Pro-sustainability policy moves are likely to strengthen over time and businesses that voluntarily adopt sustainability into their DNA are going to be a step ahead in the near future.
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Sustainability and CSR Trends for India in 2017

The coming year will present an opportunity for companies to align efforts around intergovernmental initiatives such as COP21. Here are some sustainability trends to look out for in 2017
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Businesses and Individuals Have a Great Role to Play in Supporting the Commitment

We will also strengthen our efforts to sensitize our eco system – employees, shareholders, vendors and consumers – towards environment conservation.
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Achieve Sustainability Goals with Maximum Results in Skill Building for Using Low Carbon Technology

Various Agro Based Livelihood programmes implemented with partial government funding and in collaboration with government institutions have changed lives of many local farmers and their families. This is certainly going to help better adaption to climate changes.
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Driving Behaviour Change is Critical

The challenges that the world faces today cannot be tackled by any one entity alone. Therefore, we have always believed in working together through multi-stakeholder partnerships with governments, civil society, academia, peer group companies and citizens
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A Collaborative Responsibility and Obligation to Future Generations

It is quite likely that new legislations will be in place to ensure that corporates fall in line with the more stringent regulations on sustainability. It goes without saying corporates and governments have to work together to achieve the ambitious goals announced in Paris.
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Sustain Efforts to Identify Areas and Communities Where We Can Affect Our Renewable Energy/Micro Grid Projects for Community Use

Focus will be on renewable energy especially solar, microgrids for community use.
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