Namrata Rana is Director-Strategy and Brand, at Futurescape. She helps companies and foundations build sustainable experiences.

Bestseller in Sustainable Development

BALANCE - Responsible Business for the Digital Age

BALANCE - Responsible Business for the Digital Age

Responsible Business Rankings 2019

India’s Top Companies
for Sustainability
and CSR

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Choose Well

Someone asked on twitter, “What do you miss most in the lockdown?” There were many answers, a large number of them were about missing travel, shopping, hanging out …

WANTED! A Prime Directive for the 21st century

The world was running on shaky foundations, a constant frenzy of production, consumption and chaos. It’s all quiet now. Almost like a lull before another storm which will hit. …

Corporates need to overcome the “War-lingo”

War room. Execute. Killing it. Guerrilla marketing. Bleeding edge. Make it viral. These are all war metaphors, used ad nauseum in corporate corridors and board rooms. At the same …

In Whom we Trust

While customers are re-evaluating what they really need and what they can do without, within the lockdown period, companies are hoping that post the lockdown things will get …

Responsible Business Rankings 2019 unveiled at the inaugural ET SDGs Impact Summit! - The Speech

The Responsible Business Rankings, in its six edition, is a pioneering study. It is based on a comprehensive framework of over 100 parameters based on environmental, governance and …


We are in a state of transition. No one really knows what the future will hold. But there are many pushes and pulls that are happening as we collectively navigate …

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