Corporate Wellness

Productivity is significantly impacted when employee health is not kept in mind. What can a company do to ensure employee health is optimum?
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Lump the questions!

When someone is unwell. They want to be heard and their questions answered. And Yes they want to recover quickly. How can we improve this experience?
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Are we that bad? And ruminations on an Indian model of health

What can be done to provide healthcare access to all Indians? There are many views on the kind of model to adopt. Here is a quick note on some of the other well known healthcare systems.
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Emotions Drive Value Perceptions

In healthcare just as in hospitality business service drives customer perception. As service is prone to be non standard and variable, any slip up ┬ľ perceived or genuine is viewed by the customer with trepidation. More so in healthcare where the customer perceives his/ her well-being at risk. Emotions run high not just of the patients but attendants as well and you can easily have a surfeit of dissatisfied customers.
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Hospital Branding

What makes a great healthcare brand? What is the best way for a hospital to communicate?
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