Technology is An Enabler Across Diagnostics to Treatment and Drug Delivery

Dynamic conversations are a great way to involve employees in thinking about ethics and transparency. It also keeps them more satisfied with the workplace.
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Will We Allow Algorithms To Write Our Stories?

Arun Maira’s recommends Systems thinking, Ethics of Citizenship, and Deep listening in his book titled Transforming Systems.
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Responsible Growth is Not Just a Business Imperative But a Moral Responsibility

'The change towards creating a circular ecosystem needs to come by transforming mindsets'
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Marketers, leave them kids alone! Why it's time to rein in the prying data mafia

A brand needs to have a reason for its existence, beyond its functional benefits. Its power is the experiences that it creates every day. …
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The Real Estate Sector has a Critical Role in Ensuring Carbon Footprint is Minimised

India is the seventh largest energy consumer in the world. Rapid urban transformation and development in recent times have meant that 33% of the …
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So, what is the social responsibility of an alcohol company - or is it even possible for an alcohol company to be socially responsible?

Movies in the 60s and 70s invariably distinguished between the hero and the villain based on their alcohol habits. The hero abstained and the …
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Can LNG Play a Role in India’s Path to Clean Energy?

Clean energy is the need of the hour for the industry, for transportation for the residential sector and most importantly for the power sector for three main reasons.
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Trustees of the Earth

Business responsibility is not a new phrase. Everything that needed to be said about it has possibly already been said in many forums, several …
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IFC set to catalyse the Impact Investing market

Impact investing focuses on investing with the goal of environmental and social impact in addition to financial return. It has grown significantly over the …
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Can companies stand up for Mental Health?

According to the World Health Organization, health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease …
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