This website is a compilation of my articles, research and case studies published in various places.

Namrata Rana is Director-Strategy and Brand, at Futurescape. She helps companies and foundations build sustainable experiences. She is visiting Faculty at IIM Udaipur and India Ambassador of University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

Focus Areas of My Work
There are four core pillars of my work in Sustainability and CSR. They stem from understanding stakeholders, perspectives of companies and also the need for urgent action brought on by multi-lateral and national level agreements that the nation-state and companies are bound to.

  • Building CSR and Sustainability Models that matter
  • Tracking CSR and Sustainability in a dynamically changing world
  • Strategy, Impact assessment and baseline creation
  • Co-creating capacity

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BALANCE – Responsible Business for the Digital Age

Director – Futurescape
Visiting Faculty – IIM Udaipur
India Ambassador of University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership