CEO Decisions - ESG Strategies for a NetZero World

The CEO’s Imperative: Reimagining the ESG strategies | Namrata Rana in conversation at the launch of her book - SHIFT – Decisions for a NetZero world | ETSDGs
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Gucci Leads the Scale Down of Fashion Seasons

The sustainability strategy rests on three pillars of caring for the planet, collaborating with people and creating new business models.
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Leave No One Behind, Trusteeship and the SDGs

Trusteeship can be the much needed modern day philosophical core that business and the world desperately needs. A uniquely Indian, philosophical construct that looks at redefining how we measure success.
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A Trillion Trees and Amazon

Can Planting a Trillion Trees Stop Climate Change? The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change1 estimate that nature-based solutions, including healthy forests, could provide up to one-third …
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SAP and Unilever have something in common – Carbon Footprinting

So, how can a company reduce its carbon footprint? At a broad level, there are three options – create low carbon products, manufacture in …
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The Choices Ahead

A time for the corporate world to showcase what they really stand for. Long term horizons for public good and onground action will not only create resilience but companies that will stay strong in an increasingly volatile world.
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Open Data and the WWF Google Partnership to scale Sustainability

Part of the solution out of this quagmire lies in creating business resilience through green and transparent supply chains. And doing this needs scale and high-quality data on impacts.
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WANTED! A Prime Directive for the 21st century

We need a modern-day ethos of defining life on earth and maintaining the balance that has allowed us to progress—the Prime Directive for the 21st
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Corporates need to Overcome the “War-lingo”

War room. Execute. Killing it. Guerrilla marketing. Bleeding edge. Make it viral. These are all war metaphors, used ad nauseum in corporate corridors and …
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In Whom we Trust

here will be many more things that can be addressed by innovative thinking. Sector after sector is now exploring how their services need to be redefined, and new solutions are emerging.
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