SHIFT: Decisions for a Net Zero World by NAMRATA RANA and UTKARSH MAJMUDAR

SHIFT: Opportunities for a Net Zero World

The clock is ticking in more ways than one!

The perpetually growing economy on which our financial system rests has now come into conflict with a finite biosphere. This moment in time needs reflection and action at great speed. Economic opportunities, well-being of society, environmental and technological balance need fresh new thinking.

The shift starts with ensuring development without carbon emissions, products that can be reused and recycled, jobs that are green and an economy that is inclusive. This shift requires a collaborative process, breaking down the blocks of the pastand visualising the future in a completely different way.

Shift focuses on the transition that companies need to make towards the net zero and circular economy without leaving anyone behind. It also focuses on the importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) norms and how they can be integrated into corporate strategies.

If done right, responsibility for the modern world can define the boundaries of the corporation—and its very soul!

BALANCE - Responsible Business for the Digital Age by NAMRATA RANA and UTKARSH MAJMUDAR

BALANCE - Responsible Business for the Digital Age


The world is in the midst of a perfect storm. Climate change, technological disruption and rising inequalities have all upset traditional ways of doing business. This changing world is bringing in new expectations for business where profit-making and responsibility need equal emphasis. The passing of a CSR law in 2013 made CSR mandatory for most Indian firms. At the same time, environmental challenges and disruption are fast changing the face of Indian corporations.

The insights that form the foundation for this book come from a five-year study into India’s top companies’ sustainability and CSR activities, which highlights that while good governance and far-reaching policies are part of the answer, much more needs to be done. Companies now need to factor in a new reality where reputation, responsibility and risk are increasingly interconnected.

Balance with its blend of theory and real-life case studies looks at the responsibility strategies and frameworks of Indian and multinational firms to arrive at a new way of thinking about business. It builds on the premise that in a connected, globalised world, intent and action count.

Balance is an insightful look at today’s world and the responsibility challenges of the world of tomorrow. The book calls for a comprehensive review of what responsibility means for the digital age - people, planet and data.

PROF. JANAT SHAH, Director, IIM Udaipur

Balance takes you through various strands of managing business responsibly through real-world examples and case studies.

AKITO TACHIBANA, Managing Director, Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited