Namrata Rana is Director-Strategy and Brand, at Futurescape. She helps companies and foundations build sustainable experiences.

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BALANCE - Responsible Business for the Digital Age

BALANCE - Responsible Business for the Digital Age

Responsible Business Rankings 2019

India’s Top Companies
for Sustainability
and CSR

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SAP and Unilever have something in common – Carbon Footprinting

So, how can a company reduce its carbon footprint? At a broad level, there are three options – create low carbon products, manufacture in a way that cuts down …

The Choices Ahead

A time for the corporate world to showcase what they really stand for. Long term horizons for public good and onground action will not only create resilience but …

Open Data and the WWF Google Partnership to scale Sustainability

While we long for the world we have left behind, the big question we perhaps need to be asking is, “Can we create a better world?” Can this …

WANTED! A Prime Directive for the 21st century

The world was running on shaky foundations, a constant frenzy of production, consumption and chaos. It’s all quiet now. Almost like a lull before another storm which will hit. …

Corporates need to overcome the “War-lingo”

War room. Execute. Killing it. Guerrilla marketing. Bleeding edge. Make it viral. These are all war metaphors, used ad nauseum in corporate corridors and board rooms. At the same …

In Whom we Trust

While customers are re-evaluating what they really need and what they can do without, within the lockdown period, companies are hoping that post the lockdown things will get …

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