Namrata Rana is Director-Strategy and Brand, at Futurescape. She helps companies and foundations build sustainable experiences.

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BALANCE - Responsible Business for the Digital Age

BALANCE - Responsible Business for the Digital Age

Responsible Business Rankings 2019

India’s Top Companies
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Choose Well

Someone asked on twitter, “What do you miss most in the lockdown?” There were many answers, a large number of them were about missing travel, shopping, hanging out …


We are in a state of transition. No one really knows what the future will hold. But there are many pushes and pulls that are happening as we collectively navigate …

The Shift to Natural and Bio-Degradable Fabrics

The textile and fashion industry is at the forefront of the climate change debate. According to recent estimates, the entire life cycle of garments i.e. production, use and …

Redefining Capitalism @Davos 2020

In the last decade There’s been trade There’s been globalization There’s been technology It’s all good Or not? Companies are flush with funds, but real incomes of people have declined  Growth has not been equal; …

Changing Education

In a world that is facing volatility, technological disruption and new challenges, education is at the cross-roads of transformation. New resources and flows of information encompassing these changes …

Sustainable Finance: Trends for 2020

Till recently, investors were interested in only one thing – profits and return on investment. Things are changing, albeit gradually, with investors becoming concerned about environmental and ethical …

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