Namrata Rana is Director-Strategy and Brand, at Futurescape. She helps companies and foundations build sustainable experiences.

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BALANCE - Responsible Business for the Digital Age

BALANCE - Responsible Business for the Digital Age


Responsible Business Rankings

India’s Top Companies for Sustainability and CSR

Responsible Business Rankings

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GHCL Limited: Selling The Rekoop Story

Incorporated in 1983 in Uttar Pradesh, India, GHCL Limited had established itself by 2018 as a well-diversified group operating in chemicals, textiles, and consumer products …

Will We Allow Algorithms To Write Our Stories?

Arun Maira’s recommends Systems thinking, Ethics of Citizenship, and Deep listening in his book titled Transforming …

Responsible Growth is Not Just a Business Imperative But a Moral Responsibility

'The change towards creating a circular ecosystem needs to come by transforming …

Toyota Kirloskar Motors: Evaluating a CSR Project

The ambitious multi-year program plan raised several questions: Could the number of targeted beneficiaries be achieved? What challenges were likely to arise? How should the company select an …

Marketers, leave them kids alone! Why it's time to rein in the prying data mafia

A brand needs to have a reason for its existence, beyond its functional benefits. Its power is the experiences that it creates every day. When responsibility fails, so …

The Real Estate Sector has a Critical Role in Ensuring Carbon Footprint is Minimised

India is the seventh largest energy consumer in the world. Rapid urban transformation and development in recent times have meant that 33% of the nation’s energy usage goes …

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