Health on Her Fingertips

What do we do when someone falls ill? I asked a few friends and it was no surprise when each one of them answered ‘ask a friend/ family member’ about who to go to. The interesting bit that I want to draw your attention to is that no one said that they would call a particular number. Unlike what we see in most American Soaps – India does not really have a concept of 911. We rely on friends and family to help us in our hour of need.

While information exists in silos in our vast health infrastructure most people dont know

  • the emergency services numbers
  • details of hospitals and doctors
  • numbers of blood banks

In some locations people dont even know whether the medicine they have purchased is genuine or spurious? If they are doubtful they don’t know who to contact.

The list is endless. A simple application that makes health information universally accessible on the mobile phone could go a long way in solving many of our information related needs around healthcare.

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