India – The 2% CSR Allocation – Implications for the CSR Manager

The Indian Parliament (Lok Sabha) has voted in favour of the Companies Bill 2011 which says that corporates ought to spend 2% of net profits on CSR activities. Can the move towards higher value, volume and profit be made while giving back to society and the environment? Can the newly available CSR budgets change the face of India by eradicating hunger, poverty, and building a better India?

While it is still early days, much is being said about the implications of this mandate and many in the corporate world are examining what the bill means for them.

The presentation below examines some of these issues.

One response

  1. My comments: Basic human needs like clean drinking water and toilets can help prevent a lot of deaths and perhaps unwanted births too. Corporates should minimise their staffing for this – instead they should choose a cause and find one or two agencies that work in that area and use their services

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